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Wowza MPEG Program Stream module develop

Can we develop our own module via the Wowza Stream Engine Java API to directly process MPEG Program Stream streams pushed to Wowza Stream Engine by the lower device via the RTP protocol? How do we go about developing this module, any help would be appreciated!

Although am not 100% sure but I believe you cannot create modules for such low level ops. Modules are mostly application level stuff. To add a new protocol support or do muxing etc you need to modify the core of the product which you cannot do with modules. The best would be transcoder. It I don’t think that supports mpeg ps either.

However if you can do the transcode on your device itself using a sdk of your own or perhaps in the cloud or something before sending stream to wowza it would certainly be easier.

Thank you for your patience in replying. I’ve tested converting via FFMPEG or GStreamer and converting the encapsulated MPEG-PS of RTP to MPEG-TS streams for pushing to Wowza, this works, but it is inefficient and we need a more tedious conversion in between. We actually have a custom protocol that tells the lower device to push the RTP-encapsulated MPEG-PS stream to the corresponding port on the server by way of SDP negotiation. We want Wowza to be able to receive RTP-encapsulated MPEG-PS streams directly. Can we develop our own SDK to support this functionality? This is very important to us, which is why we insist on it.

I don’t have any specific documentation around this to share with you, but I would send in a support ticket since the Wowza engineers are more familiar with custom development suggestions

I can check with our Pro Serv team to see if they’ve ever built something this. I’ll let you know what I find out in just a little bit.