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Wowza->Multicat fail :(

I need to send stream point to point on my LAN, I followed the push publish tutorial and the tutorial “How to publish and play a live stream (MPEG-TS based encoder)”, but even I can not send information from (wowza server) to (MultiCat server).

I used the example of section multiple destinations without successful

myStream={profile:“rtmp”, streamName:“myStream”, host:“”, userName:“myuser”, password:“mypassword”}

myStream={profile:“mpegts”, streamName:“myStreamMPEGTS”, host:“”, port:10000}

what im doing wrong

kind regards

I think you may have meant to post in the Wowza Media Server forum area. This area, where you posted, is for describing jobs which you wish to hire an external consultant. Would you like to hire a consultant to do the multicast setup for you?

I would verify that the map entries for the stream map your setup and that the module is properly configured in Application.xml per the instructions in the README.html that came with the module. If you are still having problems and want technical support help, please post in the Wowza Media Server forum area.