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Wowza Multiple languages Support for Video


I am using wowza streaming engine (Version 4.7) for VOD Streaming.My requirement is to play the video file with multiple audios including English, Arabic, and French.I have set up a plugin from GitHub ( for multiple audio tracks.

I also setup SMIL file but multiple audios is not working. Another problem is my video.mp4 file with multiple audios is playing good in VLC but creating noise in WOWZA.

MY OS is Windows 10 and I am trying to play video in Adobe HDS. I am attaching SMIL, please have a look and share a solution with me. An example related to VOD with multiple audios will be really helpful.

Area: Playback Engine Version: 4.7

Hi @kyle walker, sorry for the delayed response, I was out of the office. Have you followed the instructions here:

We can’t analyze your SMIL file here in the forums, but the engineers can run tests on that and will need to view all your logs through a support ticket. It may be something we need to look more closely at on your Windows 10 workflow.

You can achieve multiple language tracks with VOD, so please feel free to open a support ticket and we will get you up and running.

I am actually having the same problem as well are my clients who are lawyers. We have Just started using Wowza at our office and it has been helpful but it is definitely a learning experience lol. If someone could help us out that would be great!

Sourced from these websites:

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