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Wowza nDVR multiple origins / edge


when edge server have primary and backup origins, when the primary origin fails, the nDVR streams becomes unwatchable. The stream in interrupted every few seconds. I assume, that on every chunk, the primary origin is first queried, and this is the problem. This kind of messages appears in the log:

ERRORservercomment2017-05-0316:32:38-----72.066--------DvrStreamStoreBase.retrieveChunkFromRepeater[liveedge/definst/] : Invalid HTTP length[-1]:

Is this a normal behavior, nDVR to not support multiple origins ?

P.S. If You try to watch the stream without nDVR ( without ?DVR ), the stream is OK.

Hi Ivan,

We have reported this to our engineers, and a backlog has been created regarding using DVR with Origin failover. At this time it is not going to work.