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Wowza new app vs remote object

Hi Every one,

We are new to Wowza, we developing a text chat application with flash and Wowza. As there is already sample code available for it, we are able to develop first version without any problem.

Now my question is the example code is helpful for one session / group, let suppose there are more than on group of people want to use text chat, do I need to create separate application in wowza server for each group? or I have to create a new remote shared object for each group.

If we have to create new application, could you please guide me how can we do that on the fly through code instead of manually creating application from dashboard / file system. As I don’t know which one is recommended, and limitations in creating number of applications / remote objects I would like experts guide.



Hi Vikram,

I think your only option with regards to creating a new application is to do this outside of Wowza. You could use methods to create the application directory under [install-dir]/applications, [install-dir]/conf/[new-app-name] and deposit a default Application.xml file.



The easiest and standard way to utilize a chat application for many groups is to connect each group to a different application instance. Each set of clients that are connected using the same application instance will share the same Shared Objects, etc.

For example, connect 2 or more clients with this URL to chat with each other


And connect 2 or more clients with this URL to have a separate chat



In this context an application instance is referred to as a “room”.



I’m not aware of any canonical limitation regarding the number of applications defined within Wowza. I suspect you’ll hit physical limitations around hardware and resources before that though.


Hi Paul,

Thank you for providing valuable information. I also want to check with you is there any limitation on creating number of application for Wowza?

Is there any limitation on number of remote objects for an application? Please share if you know any links of sites / blogs regarding this.