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Wowza on AWS refuses connection to OBS


I have successfully connected my OBS software to Wowza 4.7.4 on AWS from where I am now… But when I try to connect with OBS from another computer in another place (via TeamViewer), it says “Failed to connect to Server” and the log shows the following:

18:48:54.448: [rtmp stream: ‘adv_stream’] Connecting to RTMP URL rtmp://xx.xx.xx.xx:1935/xxx-xxx…
18:48:54.450: [rtmp stream: ‘adv_stream’] Interface: Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller (ethernet, 1000 mbps)
18:48:55.453: is offline. Try a different server (ECONNREFUSED).
18:48:55.453: [rtmp stream: ‘adv_stream’] Connection to rtmp:// failed: -2

The server is definitely not offline, as if I try to connect via OBS from this computer literally a few seconds later, it works…

I’m assuming is a firewall issue on AWS? But I’ve tried to open every port to every protocol, and still have the same issue…

Any idea? Thanks!