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Wowza Play black screen

Good day guys.

I have embed the Wowza player in a password protected page on Squarespace

Video feed works fine everywhere else but on the page when I click play on the play it just give a black screeen.

any thoughts on how to fix this? or whats causing it?

@Thomas Fraley, are you still having this issue? If you are, it would be hard to guess without looking more closely. Can you kindly submit a support ticket and we’ll see what’s going on? Thanks!


Will do.

It’s just strange that the player works in Wowza backend but not in the website embed.
The player is their and you can press the play button but no picture loads

Hmm…that is odd. This is happening in all browsers I assume? Can you be sure to include in your ticket what browsers you have tested the website in? Thanks very much.

Safari and chrome. as well as iPhone yes.

That’s why i’m abit stumped

Hello! I have the same issue. Any solution to this problem?

I am also experiencing this issue. The player will not load within SQSP page (logged out) but a refresh sometimes forces it to load.

Let me check for an update on this…