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Wowza Player Alternatives for HLS Livestreaming

Hi there,

Since Wowza Player is going to be sunsetted next January, what are the alternatives? I’ve tried the following and none of them are great:

JWPlayer - expensive and I could not get HLS to work (followed the Wowza tutorial exactly, waiting on JWPlayer support to respond).
Flowplayer - Nice player, but needs a complicated plugin to use HLS
Video.js - open source, but also complex - likely the best choice but has a learning curve.

Does anyone know of anything else for HLS livestreaming?

I like how easy it is to customize the Wowza player. Is there a replacement in the works?



We are currently recommending replacements for Wowza Player on a referral basis. These include:

The list of recommendations will continue to change and grow as we work with customers and ensure their solution needs are met, but use will not be limited to these recommendations. \

If you do not already have a license key for Wowza Player, then please consider the recommendations above. We are here to help.

Specific to the sunset of Wowza Player, I would encourage you to read the product notification (

@Jill Bourque if you still have questions about the sunset of Wowza Player, send your question by email to We can guide you through some potential solutions based on your specific workflow.