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Wowza Player and Intranet (No internet access)

We are looking at Wowza Server and the player for our users. The server will have internet access but the players won’t. Is there any issue for the player to not have internet access? Is it required?

Hi Chris, you can use the Wowza Player on a server without internet access and it is not required.

…A follow up to Chris’s question. What if both server an client loose internet connectivity? I see the code pulls the player from “//” and want to make sure we can still stream internally if our internet connection goes down. Thanks

I am currently trying to get around having to rely on wowzaplayer.min.js on the web. That is both the server and the clients not having access to the internet. Seems like it’s not as simple as copying the file locally and changing the location of the file in the player code. Will post an update if I figure something out. If anyone has been able to do this please let me know.

As long as the server has internet access you are good to go. However if you wanted the server to be completely air gapped and thus only be on intranet, see my post below.

It looks like I’ve figured this out. If you are trying to get wowza player to work without any internet access, like a private intranet, here is what I did to make that work.

It turns out wowzaplayer.min.js is not the only file required. You can verify this by looking at the source code in chrome of the .html page you made via the wowza player guide.

Thus do the following. In the header of your html document, instead of having this:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

delete/comment that out then and add these two lines:

<script type="text/javascript" src="wowzaplayer.min.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" async="" src="wowzaplayer.js"></script>

Now go to and save this in the same folder as your .html file.

Do the same for

The wowzaplayer.js file should be about 1500kb and the wowzaplayer.min.js about 20kb (July 2019)

That should be all required to make the webpage player now load.

Hopefully this helps those who want to use the wowzaplayer in an intranet environment.

Hello all,

We do have an offline version of Wowza Player that can be requested with active M&S.

Please create a support ticket with the below link and a Support Engineer will forward on an offline Wowza Player build: