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Wowza player builder: Customize video quality choices for adaptive bitrate streams


I built a player with Wowza Player Builder ( which is connected to a wowza cloud multiple bitrate stream.
In the adaptive bitrate selector in the player, I expected the bitrates, which are trancoded with the transcoder.
But the player only shows 4578/286/237/215/208/195 kbit in the selection.
The manual ( says:
“Bitrate names are displayed based on the NAME values from your stream’s SMIL file or calculated from the source media if you aren’t using a SMIL file.”.
Ok, my source/transcoder bitrates are 4578/2600/1600/1024/512/320 kbit and I have no smil file and I cannot create a smil file in wowza cloud.

What is wrong with my config?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Marcel_Fontes2, let me check with the Cloud engineers on this and be back shortly for you.

Can you tell me what you’re using for the video source and encoder?

Hi Rose,

I´m using OBS with a HDMI source.
The behaviour is really strange. Later that day, I had bitrates of about 4578/1860/1200/700/450 kbit.
It seems as if only the 2600k was missing.
I changed nothing, so I guess, this was an error from cloud.wowza or fastly.

That is possible. Unfortunately the only way to see what is going on is for us to view your config and logs. Tech support will attempt to replicate the issue by streaming from OBS to Cloud to Player and examine the bitrates for fluctuation. It’s helpful for us to test and see if that is an issue with us or through Fastly so a support ticket is much appreciated.