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Wowza player disconnects

Hello. I have an Android application that reads a web page with a Wowza player that broadcasts our m3u8 live stream (from a Wowza streaming engine server). When the network speed drops, the player stops and does not reconnect afterwards. He remains frozen. How to force the player to reconnect to the stream? Thank you for your reply.

Are you sending this stream as a single bitrate @Jean-Noel Charollais or are you setting up SMIl files for Adaptive Bitrate switching?

Also, is this for Cloud or Engine?

Hello. It’s an adaptive bitrate stream from Engine. The url is:

The Player will attempt to reconnect @Jean-Noel Charollais, but eventually it will give up. In that case the customer should tear down the connection and attempt to reestablish.

We did modify the Player behavior in the last release to be more tolerant of poor network connections and retry for a longer period of time.

Are you using the latest version of Engine and Player? As I mentioned, we have made some improvements to the reconnect process.

Let me know if that works. We don’t have a simple way to force the reconnect, only restart the stream.

this is happening to our streams lately. I posted ticket to support, but they didn’t find any problem in our enviroment. Wowza player drops eventually after 18 minutes of playing.

Thanks for the update @Dalibor Steindl. You are working in your ticket with one of the top Wowza engineers and he is waiting for your reply to his questions. Are you able to go in and answer whether or not you have successfully streamed a single bitrate? Your logs are only showing the SMIL file being used and it is not working correctly. Part of debugging is whether or not your Player stays connected without SMIL and ABR streaming. We need that information to identify the cause.

I strongly suggest you respond to the ticket and continue to work with Jason. We have no way of knowing in the forums unfortunately.