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Wowza player does not reconnect in Chrome on PC when source temporarily disconnects.

I read in your notes there is a buffering issue with Chrome on an Android.

I have come across the same with Chrome on a PC on certain live streams.

Also, when there is a disconnection at source, when it resumes, the stream does not automatically re-connect and we get the egg-timer with the message “The live event has ended”.

That means one has to guarantee perfect broadcast bandwidth or viewers will think the broadcast has ended - not practical in third-world countries.

Using GetCurrent State in the API gives the following messages when there is a temporary disconnect:


playback complete


But although it says ready to play and the stream it is expecting is playing, it does not reconnect - in Windows Chrome at least.


I found this is due to using the non-flash wowza player in the browser.

With force flash (“useFlash”:true) poor quality streams play much, much better.

Because I have a few poor quality streams I now force flash on any browsers (the wowza player falls back to non-flash player if necessary).

I was wanting to be Flash Free, but it is not practical yet, and this player is still a step up with inline Android playback and decent vod playback (I still force flash there also - the non-flash player is more particular about formats).

And the player does provide non-flash playback in browsers if need be.