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Wowza player increase retry count


Is there a way to increase the number of retries the Wowza player makes before throwing an error?



Hello Jean,

Thanks for posting this question on the forum. By default, Wowza Player tries to connect to the source URL a maximum of three times. If connection to a source fails after three tries, and no fallback URL is configured, the player will throw an error, as you correctly point out.

Nonetheless, the below properties could be configured when creating the player to modify such behaviour:

[Manifest Retry Parameters]

streamerRetryPeriodFrequency - int (default: 2000 ms)

streamerRetryPeriodMaximumRetries - int (default: 2)

[Chunklist Retry Parameters]

streamerRetryRepresentationFrequency - int (default: 2000 ms) streamerRetryRepresentationMaximumRetries - int (default: 2) streamerRetryRepresentationMaximumReloads - int (default: 10)

[Chunk Retry Parameters]

streamerRetryChunkFrequency - int (default: 1000 ms)

streamerRetryChunkMaximumRetries - int (default: 3)

Please feel free to play around with the above values until finding the best configuration for your specific use case.

Thank you,

Alberto Cabaleiro

Wowza Support Engineer