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Wowza Player License ID

Hi everyone!

I’m in doubt of what can be a simple question about license…

I want to use de wowza player code with a m3u8 stream, but the server is not a wowza server, so I don’t have a license. In this scenario, what should I do with the license in the code? Is ok to use only the player anyway?

Embed the Wowza Player (place after the HTML code from #2)








Hello @Denilson Rocha,

Wowza Player is available only as part of Wowza Streaming Engine/Cloud. If you do not own those products, then you would not be able to use Wowza Player at this time.



Just asked a closely similar question. We currently have wowza streaming engine running in AWS and we are trying to use a different player as flash is being dropped by different browsers. I was able to find the license key under [WowzaStreamingEngine/conf/Server.license. But when I use the key in the wowza player I get Illegal license key format.

@Alex C Is the license under WowzaStreamingEngine/conf/Server.licencse the correct one to use as license value in Wowza Player? If true could be the reason of getting Illegal license key format

Hi @Leandre Mucyo,

You can launch Wowza Player from with Wowza Engine Manager UI as shown here:


You can also sign in to the following page with the account you used to purchase Wowza Engine or Wowza Cloud:



Hi @Alex C thank you for responding. My Wowza Streaming Cloud Engine Menu looks like this.


The Wowza Player Menu does not show under when I select an application. Is this because I am using a different version of wowza from what you have. This is the version I have

Wowza Streaming Engine 4 for Amazon EC2 build11149

Hi @Leandre Mucyo

Please update to the latest version of Wowza Engine, it will have the Wowza Player option in the Manager UI.

Update details:

Once updated, try using Wowza Player then.