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Wowza Player; Offline image when stream offline


I hope anybody can help my, first sorry for my bad English.

I’m using Wowza with de Wowza player for my webcam’s in the Netherlands.

I have now a live webcam in a car, the problem is the webcam in the car is not 24 hours online. Is it possible when stream offline u see a offline image in Wowza Player ?


Hello @Wiebe Veenstra,

Thanks for using our Community forums.

When embedding the Wowza Player, make sure you add the following to the embed code:




The options above will tell the player what to display before and after the stream.

For more available options for Wowza Player please review the following article:

How to get started with Wowza Player

Hope this helps.

Alex C

Wowza Support

a mi no me funciona, y cuando lo pongo el player builder, lo genera con otros caracteres igual no funciona:


estoy haciendo algo mal?