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Wowza player vod seek interval

We are playing a VOD video from wowza streaming engine using wowza player (hls). The skip ahead functionality works in 10s segments intervals (skip ahead to second 5 will actually start from 0, skip ahead to second 14 will take you to 10s). How we can reduce the skip ahead interval (to 0.5 seconds, since we have GOP of 0.5)?

Hi @Cristian Moldovan, take a look here on how to customize the nDVR settings. You can change the default settings in Engine for the desired nDVR playback in Wowza Player. Please let me know if you still require assistance and I will guide you.

Is this for a VOD after you have recorded a live stream or you are streaming an mp4 video and not a recorded live stream?

Hi @Rose Power,

We have a live app to which we publish a RTMP stream. We record parts of the stream (some intervals during the stream duration), and we have another application (VOD) which we use to make the recorded segments available.

We have the 10 second segment size issue (for the skip ahead) in the VOD application (the recorded videos may happen to be very short - so 10s is too large for the skip ahead).

You can adjust this setting in this Wowza Player Javascript API. There is a “setter and getter” method to adjust seek.

The doc is here:

Hi @Rose Power,

I have tried this, but it makes no difference - the console log is

00:00:05.102 INFO: AssetPlayerBase: seek: 1000 wowzaplayer.js:1

00:00:05.103 INFO: PlayerStreamerImplBase: doSeek: 1000

00:00:05.104 INFO: PlayerStreamerImplBase: playhead:0 reqSeek:1000 actSeek:0 chunkCurr: null

  • for seek points before the 10 sec mark (which does not work)

00:00:08.169 INFO: AssetPlayerBase: seek: 1183 wowzaplayer.js:1

00:00:08.170 INFO: PlayerStreamerImplBase: doSeek: 1183 wowzaplayer.js:1

00:00:08.170 INFO: PlayerStreamerImplBase: playhead:661 reqSeek:1183 actSeek:0 chunkCurr: null

and for seek points after the 10 sec mark (which does work)

00:00:12.489 INFO: AssetPlayerBase: seek: 10872 wowzaplayer.js:1

00:00:12.489 INFO: PlayerStreamerImplBase: doSeek: 10872 wowzaplayer.js:1

00:00:12.489 INFO: PlayerStreamerImplBase: playhead:540 reqSeek:10872 actSeek:9500 chunkCurr: [PlayerPlaylistChunk id/st/pst/dur: 0/0/0/9500 cup id/st/d:0/0/9.5 uri:[PlayerPlaylistURI uri:media_w129534717_0.ts] ]

It looks to me that actually tries to set the playback point, not to set the seek interval (which seems to be dependent on PlayerPlaylistChunk). So the question remains: how do i set the seek interval? Do I have to (actually, can I) change the chunk size on the VOD application? Can I add a property like cupertinoChunkDurationTarget which exists on the live application in the Cupertino Streaming Packetizer section to achive this?

by set the seek interval I mean set the segment duration for the seek functionality (so seek to second 1.1 would return the second chunk/segment - so play starting from second 1 froward)

Hi @Rose Power,

Found the solution, thanks for the assist :slight_smile:

Perfect! I was just about to send you that. Thanks for sharing with the community!

Hi @Cristian Moldovan, I just wanted to advise that when you reduce the chunk size, be aware of this:

The smaller chunks you create with vod playback, the better i/o disk array you need to have in place in the event you have high playback requests… because it is making many more requests… (10 second chunk versus 2 second chunk = 5x more requests per viewer)

You can submit a support ticket if you need more explanation on this matter. Thanks!

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