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Wowza player vod short video (less than 6 seconds) playback issue

We are playing a VOD video from wowza streaming engine using wowza player (hls). The player does not render anything if the video size is less than 5-6 seconds. There is no player (browser console error). Can this be fixed, either changing the configuration on the vod (streaming engine) application level, or on the player level?

You are correct @Cristian Moldovan that you need 6 seconds in chunk size for proper HLS playback in the Wowza Player. What you could do in the VOD application level is configure a longer video like 9 seconds and have it set up to end the video and switch to black at 7 seconds. You could also loop the video, but not sure if that is what you would want to do.

I would suggest reaching out to our engineers through a support ticket and we can walkthrough some possible scenarios when we see your use case.

Thank you, we have a way to ensure the size is at least 6 seconds, if there is no way around it.