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Wowza Player vs. Original HTML5 player

Hello everyone. Can anyone explain the pros and cons of each player? I like the more modern look of the Wowza Player, but I’ve also heard it’s not as reliable as the original player. Is there any truth to that?


After testing the Wowza Player, I have come to realize that it has many more issues than the Original HTML5 Player. Some of them include:

• Overlay image does not seem to be responsive. The image does not scale down.

• On Chrome mobile, the player does not load at first: “Media decode error (mp4a.40.2, avc1.64001F)”. After refreshing the page, the player loads.

• On Chrome mobile, the player automatically fills the screen (graying out the rest of the webpage).

• On Chrome desktop, sometimes the player loads, sometimes it doesn’t: “Media decode error (mp4a.40.2, avc1.64001F)”.

• On Firefox mobile, the player doesn’t load: “Stream unavailable. Check cross-origin policy.”

Since Chrome holds about 60% of browser market share, the above issues are pretty big!

Has anyone used the Wowza Player successfully? I guess I’m confused as to why (aside from aesthetics) the Wowza Player would be used instead of the Original Player, which didn’t have any issues when we tested it.

Many thanks for any feedback!

Hello again. Can anyone at Wowza help with this?

@Mac Hill Sorry to “@” you, but could you or someone at wowza help? Thanks

I am also curious about this.

What are the pros and cons of using either player?

@Michelle B

@Jason Hilton

Is there anyone at Wowza Support who can help with this?

Hi Brent,

The Media Decode error was recently addressed in the latest release of the Player. Do make sure that your player embed code is pointed to the latest release. We would need additional information from you on the other issues you listed, so do please open a support ticket as we may need private information such as your stream and browser info.

Both Cloud player types are comparative in terms of functionality, and we do encourage you to report any specific issues that you see with our Wowza Player.


Thanks Michelle, appreciate it!