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Wowza possible memory leak / memory consuption question

Hey all.

My team is running Wowza Engine on a GCE with 6 vCPU and 20GB RAM.

When we first initialize the server and check Wowza Engine monitoring dashboard, memory consuption is fine, with about 2GB of memory consumed.

After 1 or 2 streams, memory goes about 8GB. After 4 it goes about 15 GB.

The streams are not simultaneous and the thing is, even after one stream finishes the memory wont “free up”. It just keeps increasing.

CPU and Java Heap comsuption are fine, as it goes up and down as streams are active.

The only way to free up space on RAM again is to reboot our server.

Could we get any directions on how to debug this problem further?

We are not java experts.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Rafael Gonçalves, can you shoot over a support ticket and we’ll try to debug that with you. Thanks so much.

Were you able to fix the problem?

@Juan Surace @soyeon kim if you are experiencing a similar problem and running a more recent version of Wowza Streaming Engine I recommend you open a support ticket. If you are running an older version I recommend updating to the latest GA version or even a beta version and see if you are still experiencing the issue.