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Wowza returns "Can't find application instance" on SDP file submit


when uploading SDP files to Wowza instances (1) we sometimes get errors from Wowza, telling that Wowza “Can’t find application instance”.

I had a look at Wowza’s docs, but could not find any clue about where this error message comes from. The Wowza logs themselves do not contain any more information about that issue.

The strange this is that this issue appears to occur really rarely - however this breaks our nightly tests pretty frequently, as this test produces big amounts of video streams.

Do you have any idea where this error message comes from?

Edit: Currently installed version is 4.7.1.



(1) /v2/servers/defaultServer/vhosts/defaultVHost/applications/live/sdpfiles/stream_uuid/actions/connect?mediaCasterType=rtp&connectAppName=live&appInstance=definst