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Wowza RTSP/UDP - Wifi & 3G Connectivity

Hey All,

I’ve been browsing around for a while, but was wondering what the general consensus is/was on configuration requirements for clients wanting to see a rtsp/udp stream.

3G: nothing to configure…


Vodafone UK : blocks rtsp, you must request to be unblocked, after which it (should) be working.

Vodafone NL : allows it, streaming works great.

Wifi: anything to configure? (NAT should take care of it?)

Any info/help is greatly appreciated!

Ah put this in the playback thread because I’m testing streams on Android 1.6, 2.0, 2.1(Nexus), Iphone 3GS and Blackberry.



Tough question. Not sure. It is carrier dependent.

This post describes some settings that can help with UDP routing: