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Wowza SDK Android Background / Foreground stream issue


I am using Wowza SDK for Android.

I have an issue when i am streaming and the app goes in background.

When the app goes foreground, I can get the preview :

protected void onResume() {

    if(goCoderCameraView != null)

But it seems that the stream doesn’t work : i can’t see image on the player.

Is there a way to not loose the connection ?

Ok Android background stream doesn’t work yet.

So I need to stop the stream on onPause() and restart when onResume()

Hi Wowza Team

Can we know that live video background / foreground is working on android sdk

Please let me know asap.

Thanks & Regards
Dishant Kawatra

It is for playback apps but not yet for broadcast app- we have a ticket for it.