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Wowza SDK iOS not resume streaming after application coming background to foreground


I am using Wowza SDK for iOS.

I have an issue when I am streaming and the app goes in background.

When the app comes to the foreground. Streaming not resumed.

Please suggest us how can we resume streaming when app comes in foreground.

Sorry for the trouble on this @nidhi jain, but this is not supported at this time with the GoCoder SDK although the SDK team does have a ticket to provide this feature in a future release.

The only option right now is to restart the stream when you it comes back to the foreground.

Thanks @Ross Power-Wowza Community manager for the reply.

Please tell us is there any way to restart the same stream when we come in foreground.

Thanks @Rose Power-Wowza Community Manager . Can you please tell us how we can restart the same stream?

Please suggest us some way so that we can restart the same stream.

Also Is there any way to resume the streaming when internet connection is poor or not available?

Hello @nidhi jain

You will need to stop the stream when you go in the background and the start the stream when returned to the foreground.

Examples on how to stop/start a stream are located here: