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Wowza server administrative password lost

I lost my administrative password.

There is some tutorial to help me to recover it ?

Look in the [wowza-install-dir]/conf/admin.password file


it is encrypted, now what?

Hello, @Joseph_Guy are you the root user or admin for the Engine account?

If yes:

If that’s blocking you from logging into WSEM then you can edit conf/admin.password and put in a cleartext user, e.g.

rose mypassword admin | advUser

(username: rose. password: mypassword)

Then you can log into WSEM and change the encrypted one (or delete it). Alternatively, you can use the passwordtool in install-dir/bin if you want to create a user with password already encrypted.

Here are some docs for reference:

You can also change a user’s password using that tool (if like in this case you’ve forgotten what it was set to), e.g. this would change my password to changeme and will also encrypt it

cd [install-dir]bin/ ; ./ -f ../conf/admin.password --passwordEncoding bcrypt --updateUser --userName paul --password changeme

We default to bcrypt when adding users, but it can also be set to other encoding schemes. Run ./ --help for more details,

If you are not the root user or main admin, “New user accounts can have either administrative or read-only access to Wowza Streaming Engine Manager.”

Then you would have to have the root user change your permissions. 2