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Wowza Server and Transcoder addon implementation consultant needed.


Looking to deploy Wowza server to stream real time IP cameras accessible via popular browsers and mobile devices (IOS/Android), setting up transcoding processes and assure security and life cycle management practices. Currently running one Wowza server eval as a test with no transcoding on a Linux (Ubuntu)64bit on VMWare, this server currently resides on a DMZ and is streaming via RTMP sucessfully.

We have a timeframe of two months to complete this project starting as soon as possible, with 8-16 hours of consultant time allocated (depending on cost), please advice on hourly rates.

thank you


As an experienced Wowza consultant, I can help you with the setup and configuration that is required for your case. Contact me on Skype (ID: karelboek) or by email.

Kind Regards,

Karel Boek


I have experience re-streaming cameras, TV channels all over the world with sources muxing and transcoding.

So, i guess that is what you may be looking for.

You can contact me by mail: rshmelev [at] gmail {dot} com