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Wowza server ip adress to domain

Hello, we are broadcasting with wowza streaming engine, but we want to make m3u8 private, how can we do that?

we want to change it like this

What do you mean by private here ? Care to elaborate a little ?

  1. If you want to secure it you ca use token authentication for playback
  2. What you have suggested is dns mapping (like a dns A record). This does not make the content secure / private. to

i want to do like this i want my site to write name


I believe that is dns Record. If that is your public IP you need t create a DNS A mapping in your domain management panel to map the IP to the FQDN. See this

In addition to what @Connessione is saying, which is 100% correct:

To go from ip address to a domain name, you would need dns. If it’s a private ip address, then you would need a private dns system on your local network.