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Wowza Server Upgrade/Data Migration/Configuration Consulting

I’m the new Director of IT at Viterbo University. We have been using your Wowza media services software since 2009. It appears that we purchased the Unlimited license. We still seem to be at version 1.7. I’ve contacted Wowza and know that I can upgrade to the latest version for a nominal fee.

We have no one on staff that is familiar with the Wowza server.

I’d like to hire a consultant to install the newest version of Wowza on a virtual server, assist in migrating our current streaming content and assist us in configuring the software in such a way that we can allow three types of access to videos.

  1. Only allow access from our CMS.

  2. Allow access form any on campus IP address.

  3. allow access to any one.

We would use this consulting engagement as a way to train current staff on the system and it’s new functionality. For example all our video is current encoded to flash. We may need direction or guidance into how we can use something else so that videos can be streamed to mobile devices such as andriod and iOS.

Please contact me if you are interested. We can then discuss particulars and your hourly fee.


I’d be happy to assist you with this task if you don’t mind the timezone difference (our company is based in Europe).

Michal J.

Wejn s.r.o.

+7 hours

I’ll be happy to do that; off-list.

Could you please contact me via e-mail? I don’t have yours and you have PM disabled.

My email’s written on the contact page of my company’s website.

What is the time diff? I’d like to utilize this as an opportunity for Training as well so it might not work if you don’t overlap.


Can you give me a little of your background and experience with Wowza? Like I said we are at version 1.7. So it is quite old.

Can you give me some idea of what other projects you have worked one? Finally, how would you charge?