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Wowza server URLs

Hello all!

I’m trying to figure out what to use as a URL to look at an application I set up for some flash vod I want to allow people to look at…

I created a folder under applications called /flash and copied the default XML in there and altered it to our specs… Basically, I changed this line:


as well as making the little changes that are advocated in the tutorial on creating streams…

My question is, why will this URL not work? I’m using VLC as the veiwer…

Just trying to wrap my head around the process of URL creation…

Thank you!

You put the Application.xml in the wrong place (common mistake). Follow these steps:


Use mp4: prefix for fv4 files. Test in Flash using the Wowza example SimpleVideoStreaming player (in the /client folder of that example)

Server: rtmp://’

Stream: mp4:flashstream.f4v

For iOS:

Other playback options:

Also, check availability, the server is not reachable:

You should see Wowza version and build in a browser at above url. If Wowza is running at the location, check firewall. Doesn’t work on port 80 either:


Do you change the prefix? There is not f4v: prefix in Wowza. Just mp3:, mp4: and flv: (default)


Use RTSP in VLC.

Review the vod tutorial:

I will just be re-typing info that is already there.


Actually, I just documented the case wrong… It was in the [installdir]/conf/flash folder…

I do get Wowza Media Server 2 Perpetual 2.2.3 build26454 when I go to

the sample file works just fine… Which is what’s killing me… I’m getting invalid URL trying to get to my content…

When I do an ls of the content directory, I see the file I’m trying to play…


this is what I’m currently using in VLC:

I also tried it on an ipad here in the offce with the code you linked above…