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Wowza statistics and monitoring

hey there,

I was wondering that wowza only offers the java api. Thats not very friendly for getting the interesting statistics about the streams and wowza.

are there any interpreters for the connectioncounts.html file?

e.g. writing the values periodically in a database, draw a chart and print some statistics out?

(I know about wmspanel and casterstats)


Hi riverjack,

What language would you like an API for? Here is an example of integrating .NET with wowza.

Here is the code for connectioncounts so you can see the recursion/looping necessary to parse it.

There are no graphing features built-in to Wowza, so you’ll have to write something custom. Be sure to check out “” which might make it easier to parse.

Note that it would be more accurate to parse the logs, than to poll “connectioncounts”.