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Wowza stream link under https


ı can get my stream link(http://…) from my api and ı can play my video if my request over http.
but ı cant play my vıdeo ıf my request over https.
what should ı do?

this is the my error screenshot:

You’ll need an SSL certificate to play your HTTP stream over HTTPS. I’d suggest getting the free SSL certificate that Wowza offers even of you’re on a Engine Trial. It’s called StreamLock. We have a lot of docs and tutorials on how to configure it. You’ll need to assign port 443 for https streaming and we show you how to do that too.

A. Download free STREAMLOCK SSL Cert

B. Video Tutorial

Mixing HTTP and HTTPS content will always throw a Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) at the browser level. There is no method to either suppress or ignore that warning. Content must always use HTTP only or HTTPS only.