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Wowza Stream reconnect after publisher browser refresh or network dropped

The sourcecode in use is the latest Wowza Javascript set of examples below:

When publishing a video stream from the camera via browser, this is successful the first time. Also playback is successful that first time.

However, if the publisher browser is refreshed or the network connection drops, there seems to be no way to restart the existing steam. Re-publishing the stream results in an error “Stream name is already in use: stream-name” .

(A) Is there a Javascript only solution, since this uses the sample Javascript classes provided by the Wowza Team, the library includes [WowzaWebRTCPublish.js], and [WowzaPeerConnectionPublish.js] so an update will be useful if such exists to re-connect and re-publish?

(B) Is there a Wowza Streaming Engine configuration solution that would allow a stream to use the same name but instead of over-writing an existing stream, it simply attaches new video content to it and continues streaming?

© Is there anything we can do to reconnect when we lose a connection to a video stream?

There is also an external library [adapter-latest.js] from

A javascript error after that is:

Uncaught (in promise) DOMException: RTCPeerConnection is gone (did you enter Offline mode?) 
WebRTC: ICE failed, add a STUN server and see about:webrtc for more details 

The line that has a problem in the [adapter-latst.js] is belwo:

  window.RTCPeerConnection.prototype.getStats = function getStats() {     var _arguments =,         selector = _arguments[0],         onSucc = _arguments[1],         onErr = _arguments[2];     return nativeGetStats.apply(this, [selector || null]).then(function (stats) {       if (browserDetails.version < 53 && !onSucc) {