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Wowza Streaming Cloud : how to record very Low latency stream ?


I see that Wowza streaming cloud solution record automatically live streaming when we select the menu “Create Live stream”.

But when we create stream target for ultra Low latency, we haven’t the option.

How can I perform a record of my ultra low latency target ?

We do not currently support recording of ULL streams @Jeremie PERERA. The only way you could do this is so set up a RTMP stream in Wowza Streaming Engine, record it in there and push it to Cloud as a stream target. Then in Cloud it could be distributed as a ULL stream.

But, there is no way to record a ULL stream in Cloud at this time. I hope this info helps you.

thank you :slight_smile: @Rose Power

You’re welcome. Please feel free to reach out if you need anything else.