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Wowza Streaming Cloud & Wirecast 6.03

I’ve attached a video of the process rather then type out the whole ordeal. When entering Source Username and Source Password I copy past from the Source Connection Information in Wowza Cloud. I’m not sure if Wowza needs a port forward through the Router. Any help would sure be appreciated.


I have reproduced the error you showed in your video. Our Engineering team indicated that there is a DNS update that is trying to take place in the background. When you start your stream, you create a url like this: that is tied to an ip. The first time you attempt to connect, you may receive an error. However, the second time you attempt to connect you should connect successfully.

As I look at your recent Transcoder, I can see you connected a couple more times since the video was produced.

We have seen this occur in trial mode, but not in the paid services side. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I know this will improve with future updates to the Wowza Streaming Cloud Trial platform.