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Wowza Streaming Cloud with OBS-WebRTC


I’m trying to setup Wowza streaming cloud to work with the modified version of OBS which support webrtc (
In OBS i need a “Publish API url” and an ‘auth bearer token’ for custom webrtc CDNs
I failed to get it working and i need some help where can i get these inputs
I can’t code java or html that’s why im looking for an easy-to-use webrtc CDN with a hosted player
I’m looking to have subsecond latency so i need WebRTC solution


You’ll need to submit a support ticket and receive some assistance from the engineers in tech support. They’ll want to have a better understanding of what you’re trying to do, since we have not tested that workflow you described.

It may not be possible yet in Cloud with a webrtc API and OBS, but you may be able to do that in Streaming Engine, It will require a deeper conversation with the engineers. You can submit a ticket here and please expect limited staff after Thursday 12/24 as we’ll have limited staff for the holidays.