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Wowza streaming cloud's 'hosted page' not compatible with all platforms and devices?

Is the hosted page offered by the wowza streaming cloud compatible with all devices and platforms. I streamed an event last week and sent people the hosted page url - those with ios devices could watch it fine however some people with mac laptops or windows desktops were unable to watch the stream. The could access the page but the stream wouldnt play. This was not a bandwidth issue on their end as some people tried on their laptop and were unsucessful but then able to watch on their ios device using same internet connection. this is quite concerning as i believed the hosted page contained the wowza media player which is meant to be compatible with all devices and platforms…

We had the same issue yesterday. We were using Wowza “hosted” Player and had ~500 people watching live stream and many experienced various level of interruption on various OSs and Internet Browsers. Errors like “buffering”, freezing, black video window, “session ended”, “lip sync” issue…

Next event is next week and we are currently pretty concern about all this.

Hello Luke and Zoran.

Typically, Wowza Player issues are affected by the configurations with both at the encoder and the Wowza Cloud transcoder. When you have issues like you have described above, please submit a ticket to the Wowza Support team so that we can investigate the issue you are seeing.

I do have a current case open for this issue on your account Zoran. Luke, if you haven’t done so already, please submit a ticket for us to review your issue as well.