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Wowza Streaming Engine Developer Edition license

Hi All.
Me Today Register and start but trial code Send Me Error :

Can help me.
thanks a lot.

Did you sign up for Wowza Streaming Engine or for GoCoder SDK? As far as I know, Wowza does no longer hand out GoCoder SDK licenses.

Wowza GoCoder SDK will no longer be available January 5, 2021. Learn more.

I’m going to launch a program that With Android Application

Live Stearm

Please Help Me

If you want to build an Android App with the possibility to broadcast streams, you can have a look at Larix Broadcaster SDK. If you want to build and App for playback of Live streams, there are many Player SDKs, both Open Source and commercial, e.g. THEOplayer

Besides the broadcasting SDK and a Player, you’ll of course need a media server or media service. If you want to get started quick and easy with Wowza, maybe it’s a good idea to look into Wowza Streaming Cloud. If you want to build your own streaming solution e.g. with customization or integrations, you can download Wowza Streaming Engine and request a free trial-license to start with. You can also install WSE on AWS, Azure or Google Cloud if you prefer to have your server in the cloud.

If you need help with building your streaming solution, you can always post a message in the Hire A Consultant forums.