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Wowza streaming engine does not save streamed udp packets sometimes

Using the REST API, I am creating a mpeg-ts stream. The stream is setup with the stream uri udp:// The port ranges from 60125 to 60140 for the different times that I test this.

I receive a proper 200 Created Response. I then start the stream, and that too returns OK. The mpeg packets are then streamed to the configured port.

At the end of the stream, the stream is stopped and the stream disconnected.

Responses to all REST commands is OK.

The media streamed is AAC encoded MPEG-TS format.

We find sometimes the audio is saved in the created file properly and at other times, the file is created but no audio is saved, IE file size is only 1 KB.

I am attaching the Wowza access logs. The MR.txt log is when the media is properly saved. The SSC.txt log is when the media is not saved. I am also attaching a capture when the media is not saved (for SSC.txt).

On both the occasions, my application streaming the media to Wowza is the same. This application uses the ffmpeg api to transcode PCM audio to AAC and stream.

The access log when the media is saved has some additional lines “LiveStreamPacketizerSmoothStreaming” that I do not find in the log when media is not saved.

What could be wrong ?