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Wowza Streaming Engine License Offline Activation

Dear Sir or Madam who charges license,

My company faces a urgent problem:

We are establishing a local private network without internet connection. We are going to use Wowza Streaming Engine for service to our customers.

Every time we start the Wowza Streaming Engine, it needs internet connection in order to validate the license. If not, it does not start, it does not work, we cannot watch movies, and presents the following error in error log file:

“Please validate that your machine is able to send HTTP data over TCP port 80 to the Internet”

And show below on manager console.

This is a major problem for us, because our network has no access to the internet. In addition, there is no way to use a proxy server to communicate with license server. Our network is local and fully isolated from the internet.

We use a Wowza Streaming Engine Perpetual License (1 Year Maintenance & Support).

We have installed newest version to Redhat 7.5.

We would like to validate the license only once, and not every time the wowza server starts. And we need to validate on offline.

Please could you let us a solution in order to use Wowza Streaming Engine without internet connection?

It’s urgent issue for us. Please reply as soon as possible.

Hi, for offline usage, wowza offer usb dongle ( extra cost such as 500$, you’d better to ask sales team ) or you need to set proxy server for your wowza engine validation.