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Wowza Streaming Engine -Linux PAID 4.7.8

Wowza Streaming Engine -Linux PAID 4.7.8
Are being used.

  1. To use ssl
    Virtual Host Setup -> Is it necessary to set SSL/StreamLock Enabled? If so, should I purchase a separate license?

  2. When using WOWZA PLAYER
    Should this also be licensed separately?

I am curious about the license scope when using it in AWS EC2.

Hello…you can get Streamlock free from your paid account.

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In addition to what Egbert shared, which is true, Wowza player licenses have been discontinued. if you didn’t have one before April 1, 2020 you cannot get one now. We have the announcement and other player suggestions here:

As far as SSL, yes you will need it if you want to stream securely over HTTPS and it’s mandatory for WebRTC. You can get an StreamLock SSL certificate for free through Wowza when you have either a trial or a paid license:

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You are currently purchasing and using a license
An error occurs after setting ssl as shown below.
I tried to proceed by referring to the link above, but the problem occurs as follows.

Details are as follows.
Please answer how to take action.

For reference, the video is played, but an error occurs in the chrome browser.

Thank you.

Access to XMLHttpRequest at ‘
from origin ‘’ has been blocked by CORS policy: No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource.

Please send in a ticket to support…