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Wowza Streaming Engine Manager: Viewing Log Files in other directories

Dear Wowza Community,

for some reasons we want to change the log directory [install-dir]/logs to [install-dir]/logs/subdirectory or to an other mount [mount-point]/log-files/wowza/

I can change the directory in That is no problem, the log files will be stored in the new directory. But if I want to see current log files via “Wowza Streaming Engine Manager - Server - Logs” there is just the possibility to view log files which are locatet in the original log file directory [install-dir]/logs.

Is there any possibility to force Wowza Streaming Engine Manager to view log files which are located in subdirectories or other directories?

thank you & best regards,



Relocating the logs and then trying to use them/view through the Manager UI is currently not supported. The Manager will only read the logs from the original [install-dir]/logs location.


Dear Daren,

thank you for the answer. Is there any plan to implement this function in a future Wowza release?

best regards, Anton

Hello Anton,

I have submitted your feedback to our product management team for consideration to be included in our core product. However, do note there is no definitive timeframe as to when we will support it. Please do check back in periodically to our Software Updates page to see if your feature request has been deployed.


Jason Hatchett

Wowza Support Team

Is not possble yet to use another directory than the original installdir to read log files? I want use another mount point(diferent directory in another disk) to move actual log files. I modified “log4j.propierties”, but now can’t see anything in monitoring my server Don’t have more space in installdir of wowza, any solution?

I think I found a simple solution with symbolic liks. Here a reference: I put the historic files in the new location, and create a symbolic link with the name “logs” in install dir pointing to the new target. Now can read historic logs, and create new ones.