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Wowza Streaming Engine - Media Cache

Wowza Streaming Engine - Media Cache

Hello Wowza Community,

I’m currently trying to setup a Media Cache for media files.

Here are some setup information:

I’m running a Linux (CentOS) Server that generates the SMIL files and stores them on a NFS share.

/mnt/vod/‹SMIL files›

These SMIL files refer to the media in a sub dir

/mnt/vod/player/‹media files such as mp4›

The WSE has the same mount:


In the WSE Manager I created a Media Cache as described in Scale video-on-demand streaming with Wowza Streaming Engine Media Cache.

For testing I use the default Media Cache Store: “default”


As a Media Cache Source I put the following config:





Base Path:


Then I created a VOD Edge Application as follows:



Playback Types:

  • Apple HLS


  • Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) enabled

Media Cache Source


Closed Caption Sources

  • all enabled

Now my problem is, that there are no SMIL files detected. The result of course is that I cannot test any stream.

I hope you can help me.

Kind regards,


Here is a guide to show you some specific examples:

If you still need assistance, we can walk you through it in a support ticket, but we are not able to debug in forums. Please zip all files and logs and follow instructions when you submit a ticket and we will be happy to get this working for you.