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Wowza Streaming Engine on Azure PAID at Brazil South

Hello guys,

I´m from Brazil and I´m trying to purchase a instance of Wowza Streaming Engine 4.5 Linux PAID on Azure at region Brazil South, but I´m not having any luck. As you can see at this page, the region Brazil South is available, but Brazil is not listed in billing country´s list. As consequence (I guess), at Azure´s Portal, when I click to select the VM´s size, no one is available (see the image).

Is this is the expected behavior or is a mistake? If it is the expected behavior, any plan to be available in Brazil as Billing Country?

Thank you

UPDATE 1: The BYOL options are available.

UPDATE 2 (10/5/2016):

I contacted the sales support, that replied me this very succinct message:

Hello Hermes,

Thank you for reaching out. The PAID license options and Azure hosting is directly managed by Microsoft, not Wowza. Unfortunately, I can not speak to this specific issue. You will need to contact Microsoft Azure to address this question. I sincerely apologize that I can not help you more.

Best Regards,


As suggested, I contacted Microsoft Azure to address this question. They said that the Microsoft has all interest to bring Wowza to all markets, and they are ready to do this to Brazil specifically. And while is true that the license options and Azure hosting is managed by Microsoft, the developers (Wowza) deliberately opted to not provide the PAID version to Brazil, as you can see at the address (Brazil is not in the billing countries list).

Someone from Wowza could you check this information, please? If it is the case, someone from Wowza could contact someone from Microsoft Azure? I really can´t realize why Brazil is not supported while smaller countries, with less importance in cloud computing, are supported. And a similar license option is available in Brazil at Amazon AWS.


I do see that a support ticket was created for this question and that a resolution was found.

There was a configuration issue for our “PAID” offerings in Azure Marketplace that has been corrected and resubmitted. Brazil should now be available to choose.