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Wowza streaming engine - Play video on mobile app


I’m using Wowza streaming engine ver 4.8.5 to stream video and intend to develop a mobile native application to receive and play video. I’m considering to use WebView and Native controls to evaluate the quality of video playback.

I did some research and found a similar question from Wowza community:

However, both question and answer not mentioned about the version of Wowza server used, and it’s 6+ months ago, therefore I’m not sure that it’s correct with current version.

Could you please helping me to clarify 2 points:

  1. Can I play video streamed from Wowza streaming engine ver 4.8.5 on mobile using WebRTC via TCP protocol? If no, is there any workaround to this problem?

  2. If yes, is there any library can help me do this on mobile native app?

Thank you for your support.


Hi Rose,

Thank you for your promptly feedback.

I did read your answer words by words and go with the final conclusion for this matter. Can you help one more time to confirm it?

  1. The only difference between TCP and UDP is the performance of video playback, and we can configure it as a setting of Wowza streaming server. That means this option does not affect to the way we implement the client applications to play video.

  2. The key point of playing WebRTC video streaming on mobile device is building an client application to play the video by using a library that support WebRTC APIs (which I cannot found until now) or implement a HTML5 player as your provided reference.

I’m in progress of doing some research about this topic, and appreciate your help.

Thank you,

Hung Nguyen.

  1. Yes you can play the WebRTC in 4.8.5 with TCP, but we recommend UDP. The reason for that is TCP does have packet ordering and retransmission, but it can be very slow. In comparison, UDP copes with packet loss, but depends if the application may ask for retransmission, and even with WebRTC the retransmission request is within a select window and it keeps going for UDP.

You can actually select both TCP and UDP in your Engine Webrtc setup and if a browser doesn’t accept one, it will accept the other. For example, Firefox requires UDP and will not work over TCP.

  1. As far as WebRTC publish or playback on a mobile device. Your options are:

a. Yes you can if the mobile native libraries support the WebRTC APIs.

b. Build an HTML 5 Player ( this requires intermediate to advanced JavaScript and WebRTC skills.) We do have sample code for you to use a resource here on our GitHub.

If you’re in need of some assistance, our Professional Services team can help and you can also post in the Hire A Consultant forum to see if you’d like to contract with a 3rd party to build the WebRTC player in Engine.

Hi there, do u came out with any solution regarding this.