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Wowza Streaming Engine Rest API - Create Advanced configuration with PHP library

Hello everyone.
I’ve installed the wowza stream engine rest API library for PHP (

What i need to do, basically, is create a publisher and then create an “advanced” stream target to send stream on a CDN.

Code to create a stream target is something like this:
$response = $sf->create('sourceStreamName', "entryName", "cupertino-akamai", WOWZA_HOST, WOWZA_USERNAME, WOWZA_PASSWORD, "streamName", "live", 1935);

It works, and create an Akamai stream.
But from API i can’t set the akamai.streamId.

The function used to create stream target get only this elements inside:

public function create(
$sourceStreamName = null, 
        $entryName = null,
        $profile = null, // destination host: cupertino-akamai
        $host = null,
        $userName = null,
        $password = null,
        $streamName = null,
        $application = null,
        $port = null 

There is a way to set “advanced” configuration directly from PHP using this library?

I noticed that there is an “advanced” class with some functions, but I’ve foiund only an old post (3 years ago) about how to use that, seems it’s changed from then.

Solved by using directly cURL.