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Wowza Streaming Engine stops several times a day

We upgraded the Wowza Media Server to the Wowza Streaming Engine this year and found that the server stops serving video a few times a day. People that try to play the videos get the error message “Error loading stream: could not connect to server”.

Here’s a link to where the video player lives:

Only by logging into the server and issuing the command “service WowzaStreamingEngine restart” does it come back to life for a little while, but shortly stops again.

Another symptom is that the Wowza Streaming Engine Manager link reports “Webpage not found” and doesn’t even work after a server restart.

Can anyone help me to troubleshoot this?

Hi Jedirick,

If you haven’t done so already, can you post this to which will generate a ticket and we can look further into this. Please also include the following:

  • A ZIP file containing your conf/, logs/, transcoder/ and manager/logs folders. If you are not sure how to get this information please see the following tutorial. Please do make sure you provide logs which show Wowza server starting.

  • If you have a live stream please outline the type of encoder in use along with the encoding settings for the stream. If you are using a .stream file to start restreaming please provide this.

  • If you have a on demand stream you may be asked to provide access to the content you are using for further testing. At this stage it is not required.

  • If you are using multiple bitrates (ABR) then please provide the SMIL file associated with your configuration.

If you have already opened a ticket please post the ticket nbr here for us to reference.

Kind regards,