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Wowza Streaming Engine vs Wowza Streaming Cloud

Hello everybody,

We are developing a web based and Android + iOS app for video streaming (both live and pre-recorded app) of an class/interactive session via Camera in Full HD / HD with extensive advertisements. Latency can be max 5-7 seconds.

For recording Live video, Webcam. Mevo Cam or IP Camera or in some cases, even mobile camera would be used.

We also need a system to insert ADs in the stream (both live and pre-recorded) in mid-roll and pre-roll. These ADs can come via various AD Exchange Servers like Google DFM / SpotX / Freewheel or Ads can also come via my local backend. These custom ads will be the one which my backend local team will tie up with advertiser. Hence we need Server Side AD Insertion as well as Dynamic AD Insertion

So my question is, should i go with Wowza Streaming Cloud or Wowza Streaming Engine ?

Since my company is a startup, what would be the most cost-effective way to start ?

Thanks & Regards
Kartik Nibjiya

Hello Kartik!

To quickly answer your question based on the requirements you listed above. Wowza Streaming Engine is your best bet. For more in depth conversation and details on cost, etc… please email and they will help you with questions and pointing you toward the best product fit and options.


Mac Hill
Wowza Support