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Wowza streaming engine WebRTC session shuts down when streaming from obs studio

I am using wowza SE and so far i have setup the webrtc on it like mentioned in the documentations and its working fine. I can play/publish a webrtc stream using the html and js files provided in the examples but problem comes when i want to use obs to send a webrtc stream.

I used obs studio to send to a webrtc stream to wowza streaming cloud and its works fine but its not working with streaming engine. I checked the logs and found the websocket request comes from obs but after few seconds webrtc session shuts down.

I read previous related forums and tried opening the mentioned tcp and udp ports & changing tcp to udp or vice versa in Application.xml but the issue still occurs.

Can you tell me is there something i am not doing right or missing ?

We have a new article on how to send RTMP stream to Engine for WebRTC playback and that’s what OBS uses as you know- RTMP. Did you check these encoding guidelines yet here for that workflow @Nandan Maurya?

If you’re still having issues, send us a support ticket so we can take a closer look. The more we can see as far as your complete configuration, the easier we can debug. Tech support does not debug in the forums.