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Wowza & Strobe Media Playback

Dear community,

the Strobe Media Playback crashes after a while with the message --org.strobemediaplayback.triggerHandler - error#1502.

Do you think i can solve this problem by reconfiguring the server?

What version of Wowza are you using?

What version of OSMF?

Is this vod or live? What is the source? What are the encoding details?

Are there any corresponding messsages in the access or error logs?

Have you seen this guide?


Try testing with Wowza example FlashHTTP player, which is based on OSMF 2.



Hi Richard, thanks for your help.

The problem occurs with Wowza 3.1.2 and 3.5.0, the player is based on OSMF 1.

There are only vod files H.264/AAC encoded (bit rate 600 Kb/s).

I can’t find any corresponding messages in the error or access logs.

Thank you for the link you sent, I tried to configure sanjosestreaming as described but without success. The error is still there.

By seeking the video (rtmp, http dynamic stream) occurs this problem more frequently.

Part of my javascript implemetation code:

// Collect query parameters in an object that we can

// forward to SWFObject:

var pqs = new ParsedQueryString();

var parameterNames = pqs.params(false);

var parameters =

{ src:"${}"

, autoPlay: true

, controlBarAutoHide: true

, poster: “${}”

, clipStartTime: “${model.clipStartTime}”

, clipEndTime: “${model.clipEndTime}”

, javascriptCallbackFunction: “onJavaScriptBridgeCreated”