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Wowza Test Player Black screen

Hey all, so Ive got my wowza server up and running. Got my groups all set up and I can see that my encoder is sending my server packets. When I go to watch the stream on DASH all I get is black screen through the viewer. I know Im super close to getting this all working and Im just missing a final small step somewhere.

Hi @michael_bradley1, I think maybe you didn’t receive a response since so much more information would be needed to begin to help. Can you provide any helpful information or errors from the logs that may give some clues?

I’d also suggest using a 3rd party player since the Wowza test players can be a bit unreliable (due to browser issues ) for a DASH stream. You can use JW Player and Google Shaka player to test DASH.

You can submit a support ticket as well where a Wowza engineer can fully review your configuration and test it with you.