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Wowza to stream eez pro

I have various computer set ups available,

Windows preferably,

Have windows 8.1, asus i7, 16 gig ram, 120 gig ssd


Gamers republic 8 core 24 gig Ubuntu 12.04

I am looking to have someone show me how to set up the stream eez to send to my server have set for myself and family.

I want to run live feeds constantly to them via HDMI.

I have tried with the stream eez rtmp protocol and it doesn’t give a url to connect the server too.

I have installed wowza here on pc, and need help to set it up to stream out wards.

My budget is around 50-100$ usd

I am not in huge rush to have done, but would like done in the next week if possible.


Hope post has enough info


We have an article that will walk you through setting up the Hauppauge StreamEez with Wowza Streaming Engine. If you have followed all the necessary steps and still find that you are experiencing issues, please send a request for support through your Wowza Account Portal.

How to connect the Hauppauge StreamEez-Pro to Wowza Streaming Engine